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Living Room

Single Room Concept & Makeover

If you want to give a single room a refresh or a complete redesign, use our expertise in pulling together a scheme to create a standalone impact room or tie in with your existing home's style with a new, clean concept.

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Colour Palette

Colours can have such an impact on your mood and how you feel about your space. Let us help you to create colour schemes to suit your rooms, your personality and your vision.


Kitchen Layout

Sometimes mistakes are made when planning a kitchen, but as it is one of the biggest investments we will make in our home, let us help you by offering our experience and design knowledge to maximise the potential of your space according to how you live and what you love.

Tv Room

Interior Decorating

We love pulling together room schemes to freshen up a space or an entire home! We can come up with design concepts and let you do the rest, or we can manage the whole process by managing tradesmen and suppliers on your behalf.

Master Bed

Soft Furnishings

Investing in good quality soft furnishings can elevate your scheme to another level in terms of its design credentials. Let us help you combine designs, textures and sumptuous fabrics to make your room stylish and cohesive.

Interior Shopping

Personal Shopping

If you lack confidence or time when it comes to shopping for your home, we can either do this on your behalf or accompany you to keep you totally involved in the project. Let us do the hard work for you, or work with you to explore your style and improve your eye for beautiful and useful things!

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Furniture Search

We believe in investing in pieces of furniture for the long term, but sometimes items no longer fit, or a new piece is needed to fill a space. We will work with you to rehome existing pieces of unwanted furniture and to procure new or preloved items that will suit your design scheme.

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If you are thinking of selling your home, let us help you prepare it for sale to achieve the best price and ensure you are targeting the right buyer. We can hire/buy in items to stage your home for sale as well as assist with decluttering and packing away. We may recommend redecoration or reconfiguring spaces; we understand what makes a home sell and what buyers are looking for.

Kids Room


It is often hard to let go of decades of possessions that may have sentimental or financial value. But if you want to live in a fresh, uncluttered home, sometimes it needs a ruthless approach to removing items from a room or space. We will work with you to help you decide what to do with unwanted items; maybe you could sell them and invest in a new treasure. Decluttering is a wonderfully cathartic process; do it now.

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Home Move Planning and Management

Moving house is a stressful and time consuming process. If you'd like us to assist you with managing the packing and transportation of your household contents to your new place, we have experience in all aspects of house moves and lots of contacts with really good home move experts.

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Lighting Design

Lighting can make or break a design scheme, and choosing the right lighting for your space requires a great deal of careful planning. Let us help you with lighting schemes, especially if you are at the early part of a refurbishment scheme.

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Full House Interior Design Service

If you are lucky enough to be renovating an old house or moving into a brand new home, you may want to think about a scheme with a thread that runs through the whole house. We love to bring together ideas for individual rooms, whilst tying them together with a style that reflects the entire home and flows harmoniously.